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A planned development in Las Vegas’s Arts District promises to transform, magnify and progress the city’s culture into a level unseen before.

The Modern Contemporary Art Museum will be 35,000 square feet of artistic and cultural bliss. The building will stand three stories tall, and feature three different sections that encompass all facets of art, design and creativity.

The Contemporary Art Museum is only one of the three sections of the Modern. The other components of the building include the Center for Creativity and Luminous Park.

It will also include a small bistro, gift shop and small spaces for events.

Not only will the Modern Contemporary Arts Museum showcase various different art galleries and exhibits, but it will be an educational center for those interested in learning or perfecting their artistic abilities.



The community integration is what UNLV Fine Arts Graduate and Project Manager Melanie Coffee believe is the most fundamental aspect of the Modern.

“We want the Modern to be a community affair,” said Coffee. “In order for the Modern to fulfi ll its purpose, culture and community need coincide with one another.”

As an artist, Coffee understands the importance of instilling and enriching young talent. She says the Modern will be a place for anyone who has a love or interest in the arts.

“People should not feel under any pressure coming here”, said Coffee. “We plan on offering courses for a wide range of skill types. Also, all levels of economic opportunity are urged to join as well.”

For as impressive as the concept behind the Modern Contemporary Arts Museum is, the building’s design deserves equal attention. It combines Las Vegas’ history from the past, present and the imaginable future. The unique and beautiful architecture is sure to inspire many who frequent the Modern.

“The design of the Modern digs dip into Vegas,” said Coffee. “You have all major eras of the city’s history wrapped up into the inspiration.”

Due to the production of the Modern being reliant on donations, the 29 million dollar project is slated to reach its financial goal by 2018. As of now, the Modern has received 2.4 million in land and cash donations. Organizers believe that an influx of planned fundraising events and donor outreach will prove enough to meet their 2018 goal.

The land that the Modern will sit on has been donated by downtown gallery owner and developer Bret Sperry. The space lies on the corner of Charleston and Casino Center, which is in the heart of the Arts District.

“The location alone is ideal,” said Coffee. “Being right where all the action happens is a great indication that the Modern will see many visitors, especially on First Friday.”

The Modern is a collaborative effort between Las Vegas officials and members of the city’s art community. So far, the relationship between the two entities has been productive and positive.

“The project has received tons of support from the city,” said Coffee. “We hope the relationship will continue to remain this wonderful and fruitful.”

Coffee and Modern organizers also look towards the local community for support and input.

“This is something for all of us to enjoy and be a part of,” said Coffee. “The Modern has the potential to create a new generation of local artists and transform the city as we know it.”

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