OP ED: CSUN may differ, but we still agree 


I’ve always wanted to write an opinion piece for The Rebel Yell, but never felt I had something important enough to write about.

Nothing important enough until I saw the Op-Ed written by the former Vice President of CSUN Jessica Lujan slandering the justly and overwhelmingly elected Executive Board.

Now if you’re looking for a juicy slam piece bashing current or former members of CSUN, please stop reading now. I repeat, this is not that.

After reading last week’s Rebel Yell, my first reaction was to come back with a response to every argument. I wanted to fight mud with mud—I wanted to, believe me, but then I realized that is the exact problem with UNLV Student Government.

We spend too much time fighting each other and not enough time spent fighting for students. So rather than perpetuate this drama-filled stereotype, I decided to write about #thenewCSUN (yes that hashtag is a thing).

I decided to take time to write this piece rather than study because it is that important to me that students understand what the future of their Student Government will look like. Also I don’t feel like studying.

You have all heard about the drama, the lawsuits, or the crazy House of Cards-esque stunts pulled over the last several years in the halls of the CSUN office.

Everyone has seen us bickering among ourselves when we were supposed to be marketing CSUN. Even worse, I know every student on this campus sees election time as a weeklong period of annoyance rather than an opportunity to elect students to lead our community into the future.

To think that these things define CSUN, though, is a gross underestimation of the awesome power an effective Student Government can hold. Furthermore, it is a horrible predictor of the future of this organization which I admire so much.

The instant Elias Benjelloun, Kanani Espinoza (who has not received nearly enough attention for getting the most votes ever in a CSUN election!), and Vladislav Zhitny were inaugurated as the new Executive Board, the entire culture of CSUN changed.

Rather than having the front door under lock and key, the CSUN office now stands open for business, ready for any UNLV undergraduate to come in and talk to their student representatives.

In lieu of the old, cold greetings exchanged between student leaders, lively conversations are being exchanged about which student organization CSUN will help next (ALL UNLV RSO’s CAN REQUEST FUNDING AT unlvcsun.com/funding).

Nobody cares about petty politics or even pettier grudges. There are no schemes of impeachment or allegations of corruption, and most important, personal ambition does not take priority over the interests of the students.

That is the old CSUN and I can tell you first hand the days of the old CSUN are gone. No longer will UNLV Student Government resemble a daytime drama (a bad one at that).

Fellow students, I am proud to introduce you to #thenewCSUN (seriously it is a thing). If you want to know more about what your Student Government can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by email or drop by the office on the third floor of the Student Union anytime during business hours.

Also follow us on twitter @unlvcsun or facebook/unlvcsun for updates and information!

3 Responses to OP ED: CSUN may differ, but we still agree

  1. The Batman

    I miss Adam Cronis.

  2. This_Was_Funny

    Senator Culley, the #newscsun currently looks worse than the previous one. Currently there are allegations of a justice or two being biased, a pending lawsuit, and then allegedly members of the current Executive Board (Elias Benjelloun, Kanani Espinoza, and Vlad Zhitny) and a Judicial Council member (Daniel Waqar) are said to have questionable behavior at a party. The culture from the previous Executive Board to this one has changed, but I have yet to hear or see anything positive from this Exec. Board. Does it really help this Exec. Board that once sworn in that the Rebel Yell printed a story with Elias’s own words stating he lied to get where he was at? That’s who we have running our student government. Does not make me proud or confident.

  3. This_Was_Funny

    The #newcsun looks worse than the old with allegations of a biased justice or two, a pending lawsuit, and then a party where there was questionable behavior from both the Executive Board (Elias Benjelloun, Kanani Espinoza, and Vlad Zhitny) and a Judicial Council member (Daniel Waqar). Senator Culley, it is time to open your eyes and see the reality of the current CSUN Student Government = disaster waiting to happen.


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