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UNLV freshmen learn safe bystander intervention

It takes 50 minutes to include the freshman class in a cultural shift that clearly defines consent and empowers bystanders to help protect victims from abusers. Within that 50 minutes, freshmen are able to define consent, identify an act of violence, and identify ways to stop the act. According to the Department of Justice, 20-25 percent of college women ...Full Article

Women hold their own in film industry run by men

Out of the 89 Best Director Oscars given out to filmmakers over the last 86 years, how many do you think went to women? One. That’s right. Only one ...Full Article

On a campus of 28,000 students, only five sexual assaults reported

Lack of Assault reforms could indicate a larger problem In the wake of the controversies surrounding the investigation of 55 colleges and universities for the mishandling of sexual violence, ...Full Article

Columbia student carries mattress in protest of university policy on rape

By Miranda Alam In an effort to call attention to sexual assault on college campuses, Emma Sulkowicz, a visual art major and senior at Columbia University has opted to ...Full Article

‘He kept asking me my name’

A student speaks about her sexual assault Amber stood timidly in the middle of the Golden Nugget hotel suite as she struggled to find a sense of familiarity within ...Full Article

Women and the music industry: A complicated relationship

“Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.” Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian writer, defines the supposedly scary word in Beyonce’s powerful ...Full Article

Vulnerability doesn’t mean you have to be a victim

No one ever need apologize for being vulnerable. Since the beginning of human existence both men and women have been vulnerable to a multitude of horrifying situations. Early man ...Full Article

Top 5 most ridiculously “sexy” Halloween costumes for women

With Halloween just about two weeks away, many are scrambling to find the perfect eye-catching costume to show off at that party. Some go for the clever, do-it-yourself ensembles ...Full Article

Girls on Guard: Staying safe and staying aware

By Alexia Zilliken “No.” When a person says this, it is usually enough to get their point across. But to some, this phrase is thought of as a challenge ...Full Article

LGBTQ community at greater risk of sexual assault

By Brett Murray Sexual assault is an incredibly prevalent and often ignored fact of life as an LGBTQ individual. It’s often reported that one in three women will be ...Full Article
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