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Goodbye, and thank you

I’m not a country music fan, so I can’t relate to Willie Nelson and his singing prowess. But I am a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and I like watching clips of former quarterback Don Meredith singing “Turn Out the Lights” after every Monday Night Football game in the 1960s. So it seems appropriate to use this concept, for ...Full Article

UNLV Filmmakers take the Silver Screen at Spring Flicks

It’s springtime, which for some people means cleaning out garages or hunting for chocolate eggs, but for local movie lovers, it signifies the beginning of Spring Flicks – a ...Full Article

Life and the words that guide it

Write every day, build your resume, get published and edit. Those were just some of the many tips Jack Sheehan gave in a lecture, which was hosted by the ...Full Article

The ‘freaks’ come out on Friday night

By Eddie Gomez On a Friday night, I’d normally be on the couch catching up on my Netflix queue with a dozen Asian BBQ chicken wings and six-pack of ...Full Article

Avengers seek retribution and fail

In 2012, one of the most anticipated summer films of all time shook theaters nationwide. The Avengers broke multiple records as it became the movie with the biggest opening ...Full Article

Former Rebels signed by NFL teams after draft

As of Friday afternoon, one NFL scout thought it was certain that Devante Davis would be drafted. Turns out that wasn’t the case. A total of 20 receivers were ...Full Article

Athletic senior Nwamu commits to Rebels

Ike Nwamu is heading to UNLV. The senior shooting guard, who spent the last two years at Mercer, announced on Saturday that he will be playing for the Rebels ...Full Article

Football program reveals new uniforms

For what it’s worth, Oregon has over 30 different uniform combinations created by Nike. UNLV might only have about 10 percent of that now, thanks to their new uniforms ...Full Article

FOMO: is it all in your head?

By Julian Dinkins Let me tell you all a secret – I, Julian Peters Dinkins, am of the human race. Yes, I understand  your shock at the revelation that ...Full Article

The roots of Baltimore’s problems run deep

25-year-old Freddie Gray Jr. died on April 19, 2015, from a spinal cord injury after being in a coma for seven days. What makes this death an interesting case ...Full Article
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