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The GOP’s new video game is as bad as you’d expect

At least Mario had Peach. Poor ‘Giopi’, the protagonist of Mission Majority — the Republican Party’s new video game designed to drum up (youth?) support in upcoming elections — isn’t exactly that heroic. He looks confused, his right eye wide with blank surprise. He jumps without moving his feet and marches stoically from left to right in jackboot fashion. ...Full Article

5 foods around UNLV you need to eat right now

There are plenty of places within walking distance of campus to grab some grub, if you’re willing to brave the heat and traffic on Maryland Parkway. But we all ...Full Article

Soyinka, Nafisi, Gessen to speak on campus Thursday

Nobel prize-winner Wole Soyinka, Iranian author Azar Nafisi and Russian journalist and LGBT activist Masha Gessen will be at UNLV to speak on human rights Thursday. The guest speakers ...Full Article

10 college hacks you need to know

As college students, we need all of the life hacks we can get. And what better time to share some of The Rebel Yell’s favorites than at the start ...Full Article

5 local bands to watch for this fall

Although Las Vegas is not as well known for its music scene as other cities across the world, the local scene is still thriving and full of potential. The ...Full Article

4 must-see films at the Las Vegas Film Festival

  It is the week of the seventh annual Las Vegas Film Festival (LVFF), a showcase of local and international filmmakers. With over four days of shorts, music videos, ...Full Article

4 reasons why every UNLV (film) student should attend Las Vegas Film Festival

  It is time for the seventh annual Las Vegas Film Festival (LVFF). A festival that showcases local and international filmmakers. The festival will showcase four days worth of ...Full Article

How to have a successful 4th of July Party

  Fourth of July, the day when every American becomes fanatically patriotic, wearing tight American flag crop tops and high-waisted jean shorts. It should be spent gorging on burgers, ...Full Article

Electric Daisy Carnival preview 2014

Bright lights, wild costumes and seizure-inducing music. This is what Sin City and its rave-thirsty citizens prepare for every year. The Electric Daisy Carnival returns to its Las Vegas ...Full Article

Hip-Hop U gives UNLV students a deeper history of rap music

  UNLV students were provided with historical information to give insight to a controversial genre at Hip-Hop U on May 2 at the Student Union. Hip-Hop U is a ...Full Article
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