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Student Art


Honestly I don’t consider myself the type of girl who believes in fairytales …and I’m aware that no matter how many days I wait my prince may never come. I don’t delusion myself into thinking that there’s one person out there who understands me fully, because in truth there is not. Sometimes I’m still confused by my thoughts, words ...Full Article

Melanie Co

  A planned development in Las Vegas’s Arts District promises to transform, magnify and progress the city’s culture into a level unseen before. The Modern Contemporary Art Museum will ...Full Article

Edible Book Festival combines students’ creativity with literary passion

The International Edible Book Festival held at the UNLV Libraries was filled to the brim with both readers’ favorite books and delicious food. Held on April 1 inside the ...Full Article

“Dreaming the Skyline” gives architecture students an outlet to showcase talent

  “Dreaming the Skyline” is the UNLV art exhibit located within the Metcalf Gallery of the Richard Tan Alumni Center. This exhibit, however, offers its guests much more than ...Full Article

Local artists on display in Barrick Museum

  “Art for Art’s Sake: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Collection” is the fascinating gallery of various works from local and national artists, and the latest exhibition at ...Full Article

Springs Preserve brings Dia de los Muertos to Las Vegas

The Springs Preserve celebrated Las Vegas’ diverse community by recently hosting “Día de los Muertos ,” one of the most important holidays in Hispanic culture, on Nov. 1-3. “Día ...Full Article

A turn from the traditional

The phrase “Japanese art” usually sparks images of E-maki (picture scrolls), ukiyo-e woodblock prints, and ornate pottery. Western culture generally celebrates two stereotyped styles of art: traditional Japanese techniques ...Full Article

Cosmopolitan hosts interactive art exhibit

Anybody that’s been inside the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas knows about their commitment to furthering the scope of art and its intake by society. With every available space covered ...Full Article

First Friday for the fresh

Tips for the unprepared to prep for monthly downtown art festival Though you just missed your chance to experience the festival, if you’ve never been to First Friday, you’ll ...Full Article

DC Comics: Not a fan of equal rights

Comics as a medium have taken leaps of progression towards mirroring reality in the past few years.Full Article
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