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Film and TV

UNLV’s Short Film Archive is a diamond in the rough

UNLV is a treasure chest of hidden gems. This school has so much to offer, and yet, many students know so little about the wonderful things we have here. A perfect example would be the UNLV Short Film Archive, which houses a collection of over 20,000 short films. I believe it is one of the greatest sources of entertainment ...Full Article

“The Theory of Everything” gives a different take on the meaning of love

In 1988, the Bantam Dell Publishing Group published one of the world’s most popular science books, A Brief History of Time, by the theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking. ...Full Article

UNLV 48 Hour Short Film Contest Celebrates Filmmakers

What do you think you could accomplish in two days — finish reading a book or writing a paper? How about making a short film in that small time ...Full Article

Interstellar dazzles on screen, but lacks emotional connection

Steven Spielberg has a famous quote in which he says, “Every time I go to a movie, it’s magic, no matter what the movie’s about.” Now, those who have ...Full Article

Horror classic Saw re-released for 10th anniversary

“I want to play a game.” These words seemed so innocent until the world was introduced to a maniac by the name of Jigsaw, whose games were used to ...Full Article

Women hold their own in film industry run by men

Out of the 89 Best Director Oscars given out to filmmakers over the last 86 years, how many do you think went to women? One. That’s right. Only one ...Full Article

Dracula Untold leaves more to be desired

Dracula Untold is all effects and action, but unfortunately, there is nothing else to look forward to in this film. The movie, which was released on Oct. 10, is ...Full Article

Master of Horror roams the halls of UNLV

October is a month synonymous with haunted houses and scary movies – among them, cult horror films such as Puppet Master, Crawlspace and a favorite of Stephen King, Tourist ...Full Article

Short film contest seeks talented participants

It’s almost that time of year again when actors, directors, writers, crew members and all other filmmakers in Las Vegas skip sleep and will their creative juices to flow ...Full Article

Gone Girl thrills audience, leaves them guessing

In June 2012, American author Gillian Flynn published an incredible thriller novel about a man in search of his disappearing wife. Titled Gone Girl, it was critically acclaimed and ...Full Article
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