Involvement: RSO’s

UNLV’s Office of Student Engagement & Diversity (OSED) is the gateway to all organizations on campus. With so many organizations, ranging from sport clubs, fandoms, social-based and social action clubs, it’s almost guaranteed any student can find something to get involved with.   During summer orientations, clubs hosted booths and encouraged the hundreds of new freshmen to get involved. ...Full Article

History hides in abandoned theater by UNLV

Occasionally, my editor will ask me to do an investigation piece. This time, it was to find out what exactly the abandoned University Theatre building on Maryland Parkway, right ...Full Article

The Vagina Monologues: Until the violence stops

One in three women worldwide will be sexually or physically assaulted in their lifetime. This is the equivalent of about one billion women. Referred to as the “One Billion ...Full Article

“Nevada!” proves to be a Theatrical Tale of Dreams

Just as some people celebrate the end of October with candy and costumes, others will be commemorating Nevada’s 150th birthday. In celebration of this sesquicentennial, the Nevada Conservatory Theater ...Full Article

“My Children! My Africa!”: Dramatic storytelling leaves audience satisfied

Words are weapons. That was the general message that spread through the Black Box Theater on Friday night as roughly 100 people attended the opening of Athol Fugard’s, My ...Full Article

Mark Twain lives on through Hal Holbrook

  It has been a little over a century since the death of Mark Twain, but actor Hal Holbrook has been keeping Twain’s legacy alive with his show, Mark ...Full Article

Seminar teaches campus a thing or two

  Sex, power, envy, search, fame. These were some of the words displayed on a projected background before a performance of Theresa Rebeck’s play, Seminar. Seminar stars four aspiring ...Full Article

Break a leg with campus plays

  At times, life can be so full of drama. So why not spend your time viewing a play here on campus? After all, with the theater department hosting ...Full Article

‘The Rebel Yell' chats with Daniel Knosp, drag show organizer

The Rebel Yell – What is FIERCE and the rationale behind it? FIERCE is an all-inclusive fundraising event for The Gay and Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada. FIERCE is ...Full Article

"Dog Explosion" blasts through UNLV theater

  Twenty-year-old play revived for fresh run Dog Explosion thundered through the Black Box Theatre at UNLV last week, delivering one of the most unique plays the campus has ...Full Article
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