Involvement: RSO’s

UNLV’s Office of Student Engagement & Diversity (OSED) is the gateway to all organizations on campus. With so many organizations, ranging from sport clubs, fandoms, social-based and social action clubs, it’s almost guaranteed any student can find something to get involved with.   During summer orientations, clubs hosted booths and encouraged the hundreds of new freshmen to get involved. ...Full Article

The GOP’s new video game is as bad as you’d expect

At least Mario had Peach. Poor ‘Giopi’, the protagonist of Mission Majority — the Republican Party’s new video game designed to drum up (youth?) support in upcoming elections — ...Full Article

Red Bull hosts Q&A session with Jimmy Ho at UNLV

  Red Bull made their ascent into extreme sports years ago, and their latest endeavor into competitive video gaming looks to be another revolutionary endeavor for the company. The ...Full Article

“Excite Truck” crashed and burned

  Along with Punch-Out! and Super Mario Bros. 3, Excitebike is often considered by gaming historians as among the most revolutionary titles within the Nintendo Entertainment System library. Aside ...Full Article

On-campus gaming tournament takes charity to the next level

  Video game and comic book cartoonists Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins founded the charitable organization Child’s Play in 2003 to assist terminally ill children by donating toys and ...Full Article

Lightning Returns ends the adventure of a pink-haired heroine

  On Feb. 11, Square Enix released Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the video game developer and publishing house’s fourth release from their Fabula Nova Crystallis project and their ...Full Article

Electronics Arts creates hidden gem

  Along with Soulcalibur and Mortal Kombat, Crazy Taxi is often considered to be among the most successful arcade games of the 1990s. Aside from the game’s original atmosphere, ...Full Article

64-bit retrospective: A look back at one of the greats

The Nintendo 64 was bundled with two games upon the console’s release. One of the games, Pilotwings 64, sold more than 1 million copies worldwide, and was praised by ...Full Article

MMORPGs worth procrastinating for

  So it’s the second week of the semester and although you’ve probably promised yourself you would be “all work and no play” this semester, you’re probably ready to ...Full Article

Ubisoft sets sail with latest ‘Assassin’s Creed’

  Pirate Simulator 2013: Black Flag Edition is the greatest pirate-based game I’ve played all year. While my title might not be as attractive as say, Assassin’s Creed 4: ...Full Article
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