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Impeachment trial ends favorably for senate president-elect

Impeachment trial ends favorably for senate president-electBy Denise Hernandez | May 17th, 2016 After four weeks of impending impeachment charges, Senate President-Elect Schyler Brown was sworn in as senate president after the charges were dropped against him Monday night. For Read More

CSUN senate president-elect to face impeachment trial

CSUN senate president-elect to face impeachment trialBy Denise Hernandez and Blaze Lovell | April 25th, 2016 Courtesy Photo The conflict surrounding CSUN Senate President-elect Schyler Brown came to a head Monday night as the Senate formally heard the impeachment charges Read More

Computer labs will get accessible upgrades by fall, director says 0

    With two computer stations and one laptop at UNLV accessible to students with disabilities, options for these students seem limited on a campus of over 28,000.   An initiative funded by CSUN hopes to change that.   The

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CSUN to help revitalize outdated emergency phones 0

      The aging emergency phones on red poles scattered haphazardly around campus will be getting new equipment that is expected to give rhyme to their reason.   CSUN senators approved $200,000 to cover part of the nearly $1

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Retorts abound ahead of CSUN executive board elections 1

Schyler Brown, the urban affairs senator who has come under attack recently for an article published in The Rebel Yell, has responded to the article, stating his disapproval of the accusations made within it.   The article as well as

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CSUN executive board elections face multiple issues 5

    CSUN Executive Board elections will come to a close this week, but for one candidate the semester has been a rough ride that put his reputation at stake.   Urban Affairs Senator Schyler Brown has been involved in

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CSUN Primary Election Results 0

  Voting for vice president and final voting for president and senate president will take place on April 13 and 14. A debate will be held on April 11 at 4 p.m. in the SU Cohen Theater.

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2016 CSUN Executive Board Candidate Guide 0

Students will have the opportunity to vote for the next CSUN Executive Board this Wednesday and Thursday in the primary election.   Students will only be voting in the president and senate president races this week, as those are the

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Student Body President vetoes $65,000 proposal 0

  UPDATE: The CSUN Senate upheld the veto at a March 14 senate meeting. Espinoza said UNLV Planning and Construction was not in support of the LED screens and suggested alternative advertising tactics. Student Body President Kanani Espinoza vetoed a

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CSUN creates student government internships 0

CSUN senators unanimously voted to create internship positions in the legislative branch last Monday.   The positions were voted down in the past because the constitution and bylaws committee did not want too many people involved with the legislative branch.

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