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Megachurches to megaphones: Religious organizations have a place on campus

  Religious activism is alive and well at UNLV. Religious organizations successfully provide many students with an avenue to get involved, explore their faith, debate issues and find like-minded individuals. While these interactions can occasionally create conflict, most religious organizations serve a valuable purpose as part of the college experience, a place where competing ideas should be encouraged. For ...Full Article

The college student’s dreaded group project

Whether we like it or not, it’s difficult to escape the journey from freshman to college graduate without having to deal with group projects. Sometimes they work out, sometimes ...Full Article

A Letter to the Greek Community from Matt Kahn

March 11, 2015 A Letter to the Greek Community, I have spent the last four years of my life a member of the Greek community. I joined and was initiated ...Full Article

Netflix shows you might have missed

By Julian Dinkins Netflix is like a vast unexplored world filled with unspeakable horrors and truly delightful treasures. Netflix has it all. Want to watch a melodramatic sitcom featuring ...Full Article

Student-focused apps are here to help

By Julian Dinkins The creation of mobile apps will go down as one of the biggest aids – or curses – to have ever been spawned. Maybe that’s a ...Full Article

To Be or Not to Be… Formal?

By Miranda Alam This month, The Oxford English Dictionary will announce their first quarterly update of 2015. Words like hawt (literally defined as, “informal spelling of hot,”) amazeballs, adorbs ...Full Article

UNLV and fees: A love story

When it comes to the cost of education at UNLV, there is quite a bit to be said about tuition, and rightfully so. The most recent tuition increase will ...Full Article

Campus conceal and carry: Self-defense is a right

Although UNLV claims to be a “gun-free zone,” it is also an open campus, and there is no way of knowing when a concealed firearm has entered the premises. ...Full Article

Streaming movies just got a whole lot better

By Julian Dinkins Remember back in the day when Netflix, Hulu, or Crackle were only accessible through our computers? We literally had to drag our laptops into our living ...Full Article

Fix Higher Education and Escape the Causality Loop

‘Higher education is the key to success in America. It is a ticket out of poverty and a necessity to increase lifetime earnings. Everyone should go to college.’ These ...Full Article
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