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FOMO: is it all in your head?

By Julian Dinkins Let me tell you all a secret – I, Julian Peters Dinkins, am of the human race. Yes, I understand  your shock at the revelation that this humble writer for The Rebel Yell is, in fact, just like you. Now, as a human being, I am afflicted with feelings that are both rational and irrational. For ...Full Article

The roots of Baltimore’s problems run deep

25-year-old Freddie Gray Jr. died on April 19, 2015, from a spinal cord injury after being in a coma for seven days. What makes this death an interesting case ...Full Article

Mandalas as stress therapy

By Miranda Alam Stress. Just the word alone is a trigger for me. My whole body tenses up – I get restless, and suddenly I am painfully aware of ...Full Article

The fall of the video game empire

By Julian Dinkins As a gamer, I know that there is one thing that gamers will openly admit to loving more than gaming itself, and that is complaining. It ...Full Article

Female Mascot Proposal for UNLV

To whom it may concern, This is an open letter to all students, student athletes, staff and faculty to initiate the idea and discussion of adding a female mascot ...Full Article

Podcasts, the unexplored boredom buster

By Julian Dinkins Everybody has a list of things they would rather not experience.  My list consists of children, animals, oceans, hipsters and young-adult novels. Above all else, though, ...Full Article


By Miranda Alam It has been too long. We have been very patient, very loyal fans and it’s finally paid off. We remained optimistic through it all, through all ...Full Article

Dating apps make us swipe left on romance

By Julian Dinkins The internet has greatly changed the nature of romantic relationships in the 21st century. Well, that was deeply profound and original, wasn’t it? According to a ...Full Article

Megachurches to megaphones: Religious organizations have a place on campus

  Religious activism is alive and well at UNLV. Religious organizations successfully provide many students with an avenue to get involved, explore their faith, debate issues and find like-minded ...Full Article

The college student’s dreaded group project

Whether we like it or not, it’s difficult to escape the journey from freshman to college graduate without having to deal with group projects. Sometimes they work out, sometimes ...Full Article
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