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A girl, a boy and the night

The air was calm, and there were no leaves on the trees rustling overhead. The young man smiled to himself as he relived the day. The dance was this weekend and he had finally mustered the courage to ask Megan to be his date. It was a long process, and although he was teeming with fear, he overcame his ...Full Article

Gamergate has gamers seeing red

By Julian Dinkins Months like this make me wish I was never a gamer. In middle school instead of firing up the old Xbox 360 and powering through matches ...Full Article

Vulnerability doesn’t mean you have to be a victim

No one ever need apologize for being vulnerable. Since the beginning of human existence both men and women have been vulnerable to a multitude of horrifying situations. Early man ...Full Article

Hydrate and do a little something for the planet

In 2011, a plumber installed UNLV’s first hydration station in Beam Hall by mere happenstance. Since then, UNLV’s water sustainability effort has gone full speed to provide students with ...Full Article

Apple’s new iPhones have customers quite pleased

By Julian Dinkins On September 19, the iPhone 6 and its big brother the iPhone 6 Plus were released. For the legions of fans Apple has managed to amass ...Full Article

Op Ed: Time to do something

The average student at UNLV has a lot on their mind. Classes are just an added stress to a life occupied with work, family, relationships, and any number of ...Full Article

Batman’s wife and lessons on feminism

Walmart and D.C. Comics recently unveiled a new line of t-shirts that have feminists in an uproar. The featured garment is gray with pink lettering that says, “Training to ...Full Article

Don’t let college stress keep you from your Zen place

I need to be completely honest – I’m a little burnt out on school. I pushed through my Spring, Summer and Fall semesters without so much as a break. ...Full Article

Minecraft’s virtual world is a big reality to Microsoft

By Julian Dinkins There is no easy way to describe Minecraft. It is seemingly all at once a video game, teaching tool and a brand of merchandising. But that ...Full Article

Op Ed: Senate election’s lack of candidates is latest embarrassment for CSUN

When students voted in the CSUN Executive Board election last April, they elected a young, energetic team of Hunger Games-clad candidates for the positions of Student Body President, Vice ...Full Article
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