8 Things UNLV Students Do

By Mikel Hansen    Sleep through first year seminar. Ah, first year seminar class. The bureaucratic class that you have to go to in order for the school to suck another $230 from you. On top of the class content being what would seem to be common sense, it is one of the few classes that has an actual ...Full Article

Tubman takes the $20

By Samir Bakir   As of last Wednesday, the face of the $20 bill has been changed. The U.S. Treasury decided that Andrew Jackson would be replaced by Harriet ...Full Article

All’s fair in privacy rights and war

By Kelly Lutzker   In this day and age, we live in a world of technology where life transcends our physical bodies and environments. We willingly login and document ...Full Article

Safe Spaces and Blurred Lines

By Brandon Ramirez   Angry commentary on national news outlets, emotionally charged finger pointing at students and colleges, fearmongering about the security of the first amendment — all of ...Full Article

What’s in a name? What’s in a mascot?

The name of our paper, The Rebel Yell, is racist.   I understand that there are people who will disagree with the above statement, but here’s where I’m coming ...Full Article

We’ll always be Rebels

By Aron Csiki   I’m not here to give my opinion on whether the mascot is racist or not, and I’m not here to lend a hand to either ...Full Article

Sex and the (Sin) City

  By Brandon Ramirez   To some, the idea of having a sex education week on campus may seem unnecessary or even risqué.   Others, however, take this as ...Full Article

Why Hillary Will Win

By Mikel Hansen   This year’s election has everyone on the edge of their seats. College students goading for Bernie Sanders have made his campaign a force to be ...Full Article

Hillary will never win the young vote

By Aron Csiki   When Hillary Clinton announced her presidential run in 2015, things were going just as predicted.   She was the unchallenged shoo-in for the nomination and ...Full Article

Donald the Victim

Trump supporter punches protester at rally   By Mikel Hansen   Fayetteville, North Carolina had an outbreak of violence at a local Trump rally when a man in a ...Full Article
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