Barack Obama

The world is upside-down

A detriment to national security, Obama administration treats terrorism cases like normal criminal offensesFull Article

Peace prize surprise

Whether or not prize was deserved, we should be thankful A big “Huh?” with a finger scratching the head pretty much sums up the typical ...Full Article

Obama's 'Nobel' mistake?

Declining Nobel Prize would have been greater distinction President Barack Obama emerged from the White House last Friday with a pretense of humility and delivered an eloquent acceptance of ...Full Article

Foreign policy flops

Obama fails to deliver on most basic diplomacy Last Friday, President Barack Obama suffered one of the most damaging setbacks to his foreign policy goals — he failed to ...Full Article

The new South-South alliance

Developing countries are looking to each other for cooperation, leadershipFull Article

Do you know what socialism is?

Government’s role in ensuring health care should be welcome When our country was consumed with the “red scare” more than 50 years ago, it seemed like everyone was accusing ...Full Article

Obama's school speech brouhaha

Skewing the contents of a perfectly unbiased speech The president’s critics were able to breathe a sigh of relief on Tuesday: The nation’s children did not get brainwashed by ...Full Article


To the Editor, In response to August 10th, 2009 Matthew jarzen article “America: the new Land of the Czars.” Mr. Jarzen goes into great detail explaining the FDR and ...Full Article

America: the new Land of the Czars

Typical of a socialist land, Obama appoints dubious expertsFull Article

Obama insulted U.S. in commencement speech

Obama’s frequent attacks hurt America’s imageFull Article
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