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Jessup updates UNLV’s Strategic Plan

By Jennifer Hurtado   UNLV President Jessup presented an updated Institutional Strategic Plan to the NSHE Board of Regents on March 3 at Nevada State College.   UNLV was due for a review of its Strategic Plan, which was last updated and approved by the Board of Regents in 2008 according to the Board of Regents handbook.   Jessup’s ...Full Article

UNLV, regents consider raising admissions standards

UNLV’s admissions policies may be undergoing major changes as officials discuss how best to serve both the university’s reputation and disadvantaged applicants.   The Board of Regents discussed appropriate ...Full Article

Regents approve 42-acre land purchase, but concerns linger

The Board of Regents unanimously voted to approve UNLV’s purchasing of 42 acres of land near campus Friday in order to build either a campus village or a stadium. ...Full Article

NSHE regents question UNLV’s measurements of success

President Len Jessup’s plan to bring UNLV to the Top Tier may be clear to the upper echelons of administration, but to the NSHE Board of Regents, the plan’s ...Full Article

UNLV School of Medicine: Where it is now

By Alexis Page   With several items regarding the UNLV School of Medicine on the Board of Regents’ agenda for Thursday and Friday, it’s worth taking some time to ...Full Article

Dec. 3-4 Board of Regents Meeting Agenda

The next NSHE Board of Regents meeting will be held at UNLV this week Thursday and Friday in the Student Union ballroom. Here are some highlights of what issues ...Full Article

Election Guide: Board of Regents

Your reference to candidates for the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of RegentsFull Article

Day 1: Live Coverage of Regents' Meeting

Regents’ MeetingFull Article

"An absurd proposition"

 UNLV REBEL YELL 2009 Cuts "unwinding almost a decade of significant progress in higher education," according to Chancellor.Full Article

Regents postpone decision on fee increase

System leaders discuss further budget cuts, fee hikesFull Article
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