Students: Beware of car theft

  Graphic by Nicole Soto By: Nicole Soto   Double check that your car doors are locked before walking away: UNLV Police say car thefts are at an unusual high right now.   There have been 10 car thefts since the start of the semester. UNLV Police say they don’t normally see so many all year.   The vehicles ...Full Article

Last Semester Blues: What I should have done

I have been in college for a long time-enough time to be a senior at least once over-the math is scary- and my time here is finally drawing to ...Full Article

UNLV School of Medicine: Where it is now

By Alexis Page   With several items regarding the UNLV School of Medicine on the Board of Regents’ agenda for Thursday and Friday, it’s worth taking some time to ...Full Article

Committee plans for 2016 presidential debate at UNLV

Editor’s Note: Rene McCullough, editor-in-chief of The Rebel Yell, is on the Presidential Debate Campus Engagement Committee discussed in this story. She was not involved in the assignment, reporting ...Full Article

Student rally reveals lurking issues

UPDATE (11/22/15, 5:16 p.m.): Keep Hey Reb! responded to The Rebel Yell and reported that as of now they have collected over 2,000 signatures on their website and had ...Full Article

UNLV Center for Gaming Research awards Eadington fellowships

The University Libraries Center for Gaming Research recently selected five graduate students and faculty members from throughout the U.S. to be the 2015-16 Eadington fellows. Eadington fellows actively research ...Full Article

UNLV engineering professor proposes bike-sharing program

By Drew O’Neill UNLV students could cut campus travel time in half thanks to a potential bike-sharing program. UNLV engineering professor Harry Teng, who is launching the project, has ...Full Article

Kindness is bulletproof

If you work or attend school on a campus – you’re probably scared. News of violence and school shootings are only adding to the collective anxiety that students and ...Full Article

Police strictly enforcing traffic laws at crosswalk near UNLV

Students and drivers had to pay special attention at the crosswalk on Maryland Parkway on Tuesday. Police cited both drivers and pedestrians who did not properly follow crosswalk rules. ...Full Article

Who’s who in student government

By Bianca Cseke What is CSUN? The Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, otherwise known as CSUN, is the undergraduate student government organization on campus. All ...Full Article
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