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Who’s who in student government

By Bianca Cseke What is CSUN? The Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, otherwise known as CSUN, is the undergraduate student government organization on campus. All undergraduates at UNLV are automatically charged a $1.97 per credit membership fee. Student fees collectively make up CSUN’s approximately $1.4 million budget. CSUN is split into three branches: Executive: comprised ...Full Article

OP ED: CSUN may differ, but we still agree

  I’ve always wanted to write an opinion piece for The Rebel Yell, but never felt I had something important enough to write about. Nothing important enough until I ...Full Article

Left-wing hypocrisy hides conservative accomplishments

  “The science is settled. . .the debate is over.” Phrases like these are always popping up from the mouths of the American political left these days. Let’s not ...Full Article

Letter to the Editor 5-05-14

  On April 2nd and 3rd of this year, approximately 2,200 undergraduate students at UNLV cast their votes for the next CSUN Executive Board. Those votes mean nothing. About ...Full Article

Chief Insight: CSUN fights against itself instead of tuition hikes

  Over the past few weeks, CSUN has prioritized petty disputes and personal drama over what is probably the single most important issue that these senators will have to ...Full Article

EDITORIAL: Let's fund education before entertainment

This week’s top story and the hottest item of discussion at Monday’s CSUN Senate meeting was Campus Life Director John Goldman’s proposed spring concert. The discussion centered less on ...Full Article

Cronis addresses hardships in State of the Campus address

 UNLV REBEL YELL 2009 Possible special legislative session, budget cuts discussed at first public CSUN meeting of the semester.Full Article

LATEST: After resignation announcement, CSUN Senate president to carry out full term

UPDATE Dec. 15: Senate President Victor Barragan announced at Monday's Senate meeting that he will be carrying out his full term.Full Article

A need for greater fiscal responsibility

University must be careful when allotting money to programsFull Article

New, returning reps review rules

Senators meet to learn the ropes, adjust to changesFull Article
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