Bernie’s Scandinavian Model: Punisher or Revolutionary?

By Mikel Hansen   College tuition rates have rapidly increased over the past decade. University costs have increased nearly 6 percent above inflation, making it the commodity that has increased the most in the past decade.   However, not only have we seen the cost of college tuition increase, but also the need for this increase.   The best ...Full Article

UNLV students join NAIOP on Back to the Future bus tour

By Lokelani Higa UNLV students had the opportunity to see some of Southern Nevada’s current major development projects last Thursday on a bus tour hosted by NAIOP. NAIOP Southern ...Full Article

More stimulus money is needed

More governmental intervention is needed to battle unemployment I do not care who you are or whether you pay attention to politics. If you know anything basic about economics ...Full Article

Bail out or back off?

Bail out or back off? Brookings Institute lecturer talks fiscal policyFull Article

Restructuring not enough for General Motors

Unions, contracts, useless brands keep GM unprofitableFull Article

Pay attention G-20, the not-so developing world is close and nipping at your heels

Shrinking global economy gives room to growing powerhousesFull Article

G-20: Solutions will not come without support from Third World

The G-20 summit is beginning to resemble an operatic show more apt for a Friday night showing than a solution-granting gathering.Full Article

Will this be the end of capitalism?

Protests in Europe remind of grave challenges to ideologyFull Article

Club offers stimulus for students

econ The UNLV Economics Society is reaching out to new membership, offering an educated perspective on ...Full Article

Capitalism must swallow the pill of recovery

Intervention bruises free markets but it doesn’t destroy themFull Article
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