What’s in a name? What’s in a mascot?

The name of our paper, The Rebel Yell, is racist.   I understand that there are people who will disagree with the above statement, but here’s where I’m coming from.   Why is The Rebel Yell racist?   Some know our paper’s name as simply a nostalgic part of UNLV’s history. For 60 years and counting, this newspaper has ...Full Article

Editorial: Things only freshmen do

Freshmen get a bad rep from the moment status becomes important in middle school. Upperclassmen complain that their backpacks are too large, that they run everywhere and that they ...Full Article

EDITORIAL: Time for Maxey to bow out for the good of UNLV

The election for student body president is getting further away from memory, but the fight for the office is continuing to intensifyFull Article

EDITORIAL: Why we walked out, whether you did or not

We heard about the walkout. We heard the snide comments about how it’s pointless or stupid or counter-intuitive. We still showed up. Here’s why. Objection #1: Why did you ...Full Article

EDITORIAL: Let's fund education before entertainment

This week’s top story and the hottest item of discussion at Monday’s CSUN Senate meeting was Campus Life Director John Goldman’s proposed spring concert. The discussion centered less on ...Full Article

EDITORIAL: New writing faculty is best use of UNLV's short funds

The UNLV Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing is hiring.Full Article

EDITORIAL: Dangerous fake proposal taunts, discourages

No one really thinks Republican governor Jim Gibbons’ proposal to cut K-12 education funding and restructure state-level governance of schools will pass the Democratic state legislature.Full Article

EDITORIAL: What we give thanks for

It’s that time of year. In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, some of us  here at The Rebel Yell have decided to share what we’re ...Full Article

EDITORIAL: Student veterans integral to UNLV

The UNLV Student Veterans Organization estimates that about 500 veterans are enrolled at the university. This is the largest concentration of veterans in Nevada, and just one of the ...Full Article

EDITORIAL: UNLV flies high as voices rise

On our way to our Student Union offices yesterday morning, we were greeted by the sounds of chanting in protest.Full Article
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