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Who’s who in student government

By Bianca Cseke What is CSUN? The Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, otherwise known as CSUN, is the undergraduate student government organization on campus. All undergraduates at UNLV are automatically charged a $1.97 per credit membership fee. Student fees collectively make up CSUN’s approximately $1.4 million budget. CSUN is split into three branches: Executive: comprised ...Full Article

Maxey sues UNLV, CSUN

 Maxey sues UNLV, CSUN WordsMaxey sues CSUN, demands recognition as presidentFull Article

Brown's election shows incompetence

Democrats stall on major legislation, revealing weaknessFull Article

EDITORIAL: Cast your vote

We can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want a say in how your student government does things, how they use your money and how your voice is carried to university ...Full Article

Rory Reid talks with students

 Rory Reid Rebels show support for county commissioner’s plans, race for governorFull Article

Senate inducts new student representative

Close vote ends in win for previously rejected candidateFull Article

CSUN Senate redistributes seats

Enrollment flux means changes, sees education college losing one representativeFull Article

CSUN: Now Hiring

csunapcov CSUN is turning over some new leaves for next year. Several positions are up for ...Full Article

UPDATE: CSUN Executive Board election winners announced

Cronis ticket sweeps raceFull Article

CSUN Executive Board election results

Gonzalez and Barragan defeat Rapoport and Hanson.Full Article
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