Absentee Ballot Guide

Not going to be in town come Election Day next year? Planning to be in the military or overseas for whatever reason by that time? Good news – just because you won’t be in town on Nov. 8, 2016 doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have your voice heard in the presidential election, thanks to absentee ballots. Voting ...Full Article

Our vote, our problems

By Aron Csiki   A New York Times report showed that the midterm voter turnout in 2014 was an abysmal 36.3 percent. The last time midterm election turnout was ...Full Article

Why I support Bernie Sanders (And why I think you should as well)

By Trevor West of Rebels For Bernie   Like most of my peers that are involved in the political process I find myself dissatisfied and disillusioned with the process. ...Full Article

Who’s who in student government

By Bianca Cseke What is CSUN? The Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, otherwise known as CSUN, is the undergraduate student government organization on campus. All ...Full Article

Maxey sues UNLV, CSUN

 Maxey sues UNLV, CSUN WordsMaxey sues CSUN, demands recognition as presidentFull Article

Brown's election shows incompetence

Democrats stall on major legislation, revealing weaknessFull Article

EDITORIAL: Cast your vote

We can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want a say in how your student government does things, how they use your money and how your voice is carried to university ...Full Article

Rory Reid talks with students

 Rory Reid Rebels show support for county commissioner’s plans, race for governorFull Article

Senate inducts new student representative

Close vote ends in win for previously rejected candidateFull Article

CSUN Senate redistributes seats

Enrollment flux means changes, sees education college losing one representativeFull Article
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