The College Foodie: Las Vegans can take a bite out of new Red Robin ramen burger

By Camalot Todd and Joahna Claire   If there’s a food that embodies the typical college experience, the Red Robin Red Ramen Burger is it.   Starting on April 4 for a limited time, the national burger chain Red Robin unleashes their version, the Red Ramen Burger.   To top it off, Red Robin dubbed April 19 Red Ramen ...Full Article

The College Foodie: Take a historical, scary and delicious ride to Pioneer Saloon

If you followed my directions to the legendary Pioneer Saloon, as you were driving you would probably be cursing my name because you’d think I had sent you on ...Full Article

Eating on Campus vs. Packing Food From Home

Hungry students swarm the Student Union to buy snacks between classes—yet a simple snack like a banana can cost a pretty penny depending on where it’s from.   Starbucks, ...Full Article

The College Foodie: Sweets Raku

By Jessica Segovia   The apples are so beautiful that even Snow White wouldn’t hesitate to take a bite at Sweets Raku.   The 21-seat Japanese dessert bar brings ...Full Article

Forget About It: Bite into Cugino’s Italian food

  “Cugino” is the Italian word for cousin – a male cousin to be more precise – and many UNLV students will tell you Cugino means delicious, authentic Italian ...Full Article

Valentine’s Day Events Guide

By Jessica Segovia   As February rolls in, so do oversized teddy bears and cute red hearts.  It’s Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t matter if you’re single, dating or ...Full Article

Arawan, artfully Thai

By: Jessica Segovia   Hidden in the corner of Commercial Center on Sahara Avenue and Maryland Parkway lies a peaceful and tranquil oasis of Thai food called Arawan, which ...Full Article

Last Semester Blues: What I should have done

I have been in college for a long time-enough time to be a senior at least once over-the math is scary- and my time here is finally drawing to ...Full Article

The Third Annual Sunset Park’d Food Truck Event

This past weekend, Clark County Parks and Recreation hosted its third annual Sunset Park’d Food Truck event. The free all-ages event was held on Nov. 14 in Sunset Park ...Full Article

Possible meal plan price increase looming

Students living in the residence halls may have to pay more for their meal plans if a proposed increase of 4 percent is passed. If approved, it will take ...Full Article
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