Arawan, artfully Thai

By: Jessica Segovia   Hidden in the corner of Commercial Center on Sahara Avenue and Maryland Parkway lies a peaceful and tranquil oasis of Thai food called Arawan, which translates to “elephant” in Thai.   Upon entering this hidden gem, guests are transported into Chef Jui’s world, where clean, modern Thai cuisine becomes a work of art. The soft ...Full Article

Last Semester Blues: What I should have done

I have been in college for a long time-enough time to be a senior at least once over-the math is scary- and my time here is finally drawing to ...Full Article

The Third Annual Sunset Park’d Food Truck Event

This past weekend, Clark County Parks and Recreation hosted its third annual Sunset Park’d Food Truck event. The free all-ages event was held on Nov. 14 in Sunset Park ...Full Article

Possible meal plan price increase looming

Students living in the residence halls may have to pay more for their meal plans if a proposed increase of 4 percent is passed. If approved, it will take ...Full Article

The cost of feeding a growing world

Corporate greed prioritizes efficiency over human well-beingFull Article

Eats at 'The Beat'

A new coffee shop downtown welcomes music and food loversFull Article

The moral dimension of food

What we choose to eat effects more than our personal healthFull Article

The best of times, the wurst of times

Cooking with the wurst… bratwurst, that isFull Article

Speakers find benefits in local-grown food

Lecture promotes community markets and farmers, attendees get taste of fresh foodFull Article

Competition heats up kitchen

UNLV hosts a “Hell’s Kitchen” style contest to qualify students for a regional competition.Full Article
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