Professors encourage students to pursue passions

By Natalia Lancellotti Faculty speakers advised students on the importance of pursuing their career dreams Oct. 27 at a lecture in the Professors and Pastries series. Professors and Pastries gives UNLV faculty members a space to inspire and inform students of a career path based on their personal knowledge while also allowing students to enjoy pastries provided by Pink ...Full Article

Anthropologist analyzes disparity in childbirth

Preganancy gives good depiction of natural selectionFull Article

Lecturer: workforce lacks women

 UNLV REBEL YELL 2009 Stanford professor shares analysis of men and women in the workforceFull Article

Brookings fellow talks urban growth

 UNLV REBEL YELL 2009 Pietro Nivola proposes solutions to society’s rapidly increasing footprintFull Article

Lecturer ponders humanity's impact

On researcher says the “dominant animal” – humans – could be responsible for the collapse of civilization.Full Article

Atomic Testing Museum to host talk on nuclear age

Discussion will be the first installment of the ATM’s lecture series The Atomic Testing Museum, the UNLV Department of History and the Black Mountain Institute are collaborating to bring ...Full Article

Lecturers present the future of climate control

Talk packs punch with cloud seeding discussionFull Article

English professor discusses “Oz” of the Outback

Cultures benefit from box office bomb despite movie criticsFull Article

Decyphering the Navajo code

Speaker discusses the wartime cryptography  effortFull Article

Speaker philosophizes over Galileo

Scientist’s controversial life and heresy trial examinedFull Article
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