Manatee Fair

MANATEE FAIR: Obama lands internship in Smatresk's office

“Yeah!  Alright!” shouted an exuberant President Barack Obama on Tuesday.Full Article

MANATEE FAIR: God sues Christian music industry for copyright infringement

Citing 634,778,923 instances of copyright infringement, the Almighty Lord God laid forth millions of subpoenasFull Article

MANATEE FAIR: Obama sends China request using FarmVille

As a final gesture of American diplomacyFull Article

MANATEE FAIR:Wayward NWA pilot 'pretty damn tired' of wife's glances after missing interstate exit

“Pretty sick of it, Lois. Preeetty damn tired,”Full Article

MANATEE FAIR:Laptop assists girl in not learning

Cleverly toting her laptop to class, sophomore Jessica Muet narrowly avoided learningFull Article

MANATEE FAIR: CDC and Mr. T: 'I pity the flu'

New ad campaign promises to ‘crucify’ the flu virus ‘real bad’Full Article

MANATEE FAIR: Coach Sanford replaced with cardboard standup of Mike Ditka

In an attempt to salvage the remainder of UNLV’s football seasonFull Article

MANATEE FAIR: UNLV declares victory in moral crusade

Clearing its conscience, UNLV reduced to three books and an iMacFull Article

MANATEE FAIR:Rebels, Wolf Pack gear up for Inconsequential Bowl 2009

Football is heating up in NevadaFull Article

MANATEE FAIR: China repossesses United States

Decades of American glorious borrowing and indiscriminate spendingFull Article
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