Tubman takes the $20

By Samir Bakir   As of last Wednesday, the face of the $20 bill has been changed. The U.S. Treasury decided that Andrew Jackson would be replaced by Harriet Tubman, an ex-slave and abolitionist who helped others escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad. Tubman was also a well-known suffragette who fought for women’s rights to vote.   The ...Full Article

Why Hillary Will Win

By Mikel Hansen   This year’s election has everyone on the edge of their seats. College students goading for Bernie Sanders have made his campaign a force to be ...Full Article

Free speech should be everywhere, political group says

By Ariana DeCastro   Turning Point USA’s “Big Government Sucks” group initiated a petition to get rid of UNLV’s free speech zone, stating that since UNLV’s campus is public ...Full Article

Hey Senate: Take Obama’s Supreme Court nomination seriously

  By Kevin Krall   Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died and now the Republican-led Senate is questioning whether or not to accept an appointment by the president.   ...Full Article

Democratic debate showcases fearless presidential hopefuls

  By Jennifer Hurtado   Democrat frontrunners Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton took center stage at Miami Dade College on Wednesday evening for what is widely considered to be ...Full Article

Donald a dictator? Not so fast.

By Mikel Hansen   Most of what is said about Donald Trump is negative — in fact almost nothing I have read or heard about Donald Trump has been ...Full Article

Donald trumps opponents in Nevada Republican Caucus

After caucus-participating Nevadans waited for results for four hours of long lines and ballot casting, Donald Trump lorded over the other candidates at the Nevada Republican Caucus last Tuesday. ...Full Article

Reid lashes out at tuition increases

By Jessica Segovia   Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid lambasted increases in student tuition to support Top Tier initiatives during a press conference last Tuesday.   Reid believes that ...Full Article

Hillary claims Nevada, but not without headaches

By Jennifer Hurtado   Long Lines, late starts and voter card shortages were some of the issues braved by Las Vegans at the democratic caucuses across the valley Saturday ...Full Article

Have a seat, Steinem

You may have read about it on Twitter or Facebook, or maybe you saw the February 5th interview yourself, but in case you are out of the loop: Gloria ...Full Article
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