Cannabis Chapel brings a different kind of love for 4/20

  For marijuana aficionados, April 20 is a special day to show love for consuming their favorite plant.   However, cannabis enthusiasts will be able to express a different kind of love starting this 4/20 in Las Vegas.   The Cannabis Chapel on 827 S. Las Vegas Blvd will be the first institution in the city to feature cannabis-themed ...Full Article

Religious health centers screen for HIV

New research published in The Lancet Global Health reveals that making HIV screening available through faith-based centers could encourage pregnant women to get tested and receive treatment. UNLV professor ...Full Article

My God or yours? The meaning of Allah

What the recent controversy in Malaysia means for us by husna najand Rebel Yell Staff Writer During conversations about religion, it would occasionally irritate me if the person I ...Full Article

Why consider religion first?

Jumping to conclusions about Fort Hood shooter’s motives is irrational, destructiveFull Article

Speaker contrasts views in age-old debate

Lecture outlines naturalism, evolutionary theoryLecture outlines naturalism, evolutionary theoryFull Article

Stop preaching: You don't have all the answers

Uncompromising belief in one faith unproductive, divisiveFull Article

The conversion of the Catholic Church

Church’s decision to accept Anglican converts suspiciousFull Article

Diverse panel discusses Jesus in religion, history

Scholars and theologans discuss the essence of JesusFull Article

KEEPING THE FAITH: Questions about a comparison: death in two traditions

It is frighteningly easy for me to fall into the attractively simple ideaFull Article

One nation, under a revised history

In our school system today children are being indoctrinated. No, not by the Evangelicals, Jews, or Muslims, they are being indoctrinated by the secularists. Our public school system today ...Full Article
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