Hey Senate: Take Obama’s Supreme Court nomination seriously

  By Kevin Krall   Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died and now the Republican-led Senate is questioning whether or not to accept an appointment by the president.   The quickest way for the president to return the court to its full power is to fill Scalia’s shoes; however, Senate Republicans have cold feet about working with their Democratic ...Full Article

UNLV professor analyzes presidential hopefuls

As the presidential election nears, voters and political parties alike are already placing bets on candidates they believe have a shot of moving past the primaries.   Primary debates ...Full Article

Student groups talk politics

 UNLV REBEL YELL 2009 Political organizations debate Obama’s first year in officeFull Article

Brown's election shows incompetence

Democrats stall on major legislation, revealing weaknessFull Article

Republican or Democrat?

In an election year, political bickering and blaming might not helpFull Article

Extremism hinders helpful discourse, stirs hatred

Unaccomodating views do not help achieve solutionsFull Article

The GOP's mistakes

While conservatives focus on irrelevancies, important issues are being ignored in the health care debateFull Article

Dick Cheney: the brilliance that no longer is

Cheney should not be voice of Republican PartyFull Article

How the GOP needs to deal with Obama

Lets face it everyone — the GOP messed up the last eight years.Full Article

Keep the tea, dump the representatives

The media and the left downplay importance of tea partiesFull Article
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