10 deaths in 24 hours from Covid-19

In Benin, the new coronavirus is reaching worrying proportions. There are more than 1,600 active cases of Covid-19, including 119 registered deaths, according to the government’s official website. Data from treatment and care centers suggests a dozen deaths as of Tuesday, August 17, yesterday. At least that’s what the Le Matinal newspaper points out.

The Ministry of Health would have generalized the use of chloroquine

More than 200 people were infected with the virus on Monday. The situation is therefore worrying and the Minister of Health repeated it sufficiently last Sunday when he appeared on national television. “The number of serious cases is increasing by the hour,” he said. Many of those who died yesterday Tuesday were hospitalized at the Allada treatment center. The Benin authorities strongly recommend vaccination to avoid the worst.

Minister Benjamin Hounkpatin has previously indicated that the vaccination will reduce severe cases that can lead to death. In addition to vaccination, the Ministry of Health has reportedly generalized the use of chloroquine and urged pharmacies to sell this drug to anyone who comes to their premises.

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