$ 125,000 to ride a hot air balloon –

Passenger space travel in a hot air balloon will soon be available to the public. It was the American company Space Perspective that made it possible. He plans to organize the first trip from the end of 2024 and has already opened reservations.

A deposit of 1000 or 8000 dollars to pay before the trip.

The capsule can only accommodate eight passengers. To get a seat, each passenger must pay $ 125,000. In addition, the company adds mandatory conditions according to which a deposit of 1000 dollars or 8000 dollars (reservation) must be paid, before the trip. According to information from Space Perspective, the trip will last six hours. The spacecraft called Neptune is “a pressurized capsule attached to a space balloon.” In addition to the already known conditions, the first 25 trips will have different deadlines. The company wants to organize some space travel from various parts of the world.

Note that test space travel had already been conducted with the capsule. This is what allows Space Perspective to claim that it is “the safest and most accessible space travel.” As a reminder, the first test flight took place on June 18, 2021. The capsule that had no passengers had departed from Titusville, in the state of Florida. The interior was full of cameras whose images had served to give future travelers an idea of ​​the landscape.

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