19 years after the terror in Bali: start of the trial in Guantanamo |

In 2002, 202 people died in a terrorist attack in a nightclub in Bali. Now, a US military court is laying charges against the alleged masterminds.

Guantánamo Bay / Jakarta (AP) – Almost 19 years after the bloody Bali terrorist attack that left more than 200 dead, a military court in the Guantánamo Bay prison camp officially indicted three men from Indonesia and Malaysia on Monday .

The three suspects were arrested in Thailand 18 years ago and have been held without trial in the Cuba camp since 2006. They are charged with murder, conspiracy and terrorism, Indonesian newspaper “Republika” reported.

The main defendant is the Indonesian Encep Nurjaman. He was said to have been the mastermind behind the bombings against a nightclub in Kuta town in Bali in October 2002 and a year later at a hotel in the Indonesian capital Jakarta. 202 people were killed in Bali, including six Germans. Twelve people died in Jakarta. Hundreds of people were injured in the two attacks.

“The man, born in Cianjur, West Java, in 1964, is considered a liaison between the terrorist organizations Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and Al-Qaeda in Southeast Asia,” wrote the Indonesian newspaper Kompas about Nurjaman. The two Malaysians are 45 and 46 years old, according to “The Star” newspaper. All three should have been brought before a judge in February, but the indictment has been postponed due to the corona pandemic.

The Guantánamo Bay prison camp has been criticized for years by human rights activists. UN human rights experts have called for an immediate shutdown after US President Joe Biden took office in January. There are currently 39 detainees in the camp. The then US government set up the camp 19 years ago on January 11, 2002, about four months after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

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