20,500 evacuees from Afghanistan to Ramstein air base | Free press

Tens of thousands of people have already left Afghanistan by plane. But what about them then? About 20,500 of them are currently at US Air Force Base in Ramstein.

Ramstein (AP) – About 20,500 evacuees from Afghanistan landed at Ramstein Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate on Saturday.

This was announced by the largest US air base in the world outside of the United States. Ramstein, near Kaiserslautern, has been an American hub for Afghan refugees since August 20.

About 100 US Air Force planes had arrived at the air base, a spokeswoman for the base reported. More than 5,000 evacuees had traveled from there on about 22 flights. The flights are expected to last all weekend.

Asylum seekers, such as former U.S. local staff in Afghanistan and their families, who are leaving their home countries for fear of the Taliban, are initially accommodated in tents and aircraft hangars at the air base. You will be registered and treated medically if necessary. Afghans are also temporarily housed in the US military facility Rhine Ordnance Barracks in Kaiserslautern.

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