250 oxygen cylinders offered in Benin –

For Covid-19 patients in Benin it is a “breath of fresh air”, especially severe cases. In fact, the private company Para Energy has offered the country 250 oxygen cylinders. This donation was received on August 21st in the presence of Minister of Health Benjamin Hounkpatin and the general manager of the donor company Yashwant Kumar. He said his company helped the Nigerian people fight Covid-19 over the past year.

“I would like to thank you for this humanistic gesture”

She now wants to do the same in Benin, i.e. offer free oxygen to supply seriously ill Covid-19 patients. Health Minister Benjamin Hounkpatin praised a humanistic gesture by Para Energy. “I would like to thank you for this humanistic, saving gesture that will inevitably save lives,” said Benjamin Hounkpatin. He also stressed the importance of vaccinations to prevent severe forms.

This would avoid situations where the use of oxygen cylinders is inevitable. Needless to say, Benin has seen an increase in cases of Covid-19 contamination for several weeks, especially in severe cases. Even the youngest are not spared, as President Patrice Talon indicated in his message to his compatriots on Sunday.

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