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Full clubs and dance without a mask? This is now possible again in Hamburg – provided the party rises with those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered. Unvaccinated adults look down the tube.

Hamburg (dpa) – After lengthy restrictions in the corona pandemic, Hamburg has dropped its masks.

In clubs, bars, restaurants, cultural and sports facilities that participate in the so-called 2G model, there are no longer restrictions on the number of visitors or participants in an event since midnight Saturday.

So, where only vaccinated and convalescent people are admitted, you can party, dance, watch movies and theater or participate in the thrill of sports competitions without interruption and without a mask until the last seat. However, other contact details must be collected and hygiene concepts must be observed. A corresponding Senate containment order was issued on Friday.

In addition, vendors are not required to wear a mask in the weekly markets. For customers, on the other hand, it continues to apply as in supermarkets. In addition, negative corona test certificates can only be used by the employer of unvaccinated people for business purposes, for example more for a visit to the cinema. During sporting events, the flow of visitors to the entrances and exits must be equalized. If events are taking place indoors, air filter systems should be available.

Hamburg was the first federal state to introduce the 2G option model at the end of August. The new regulations are valid until October 23. For businesses or events that according to the 3G model may continue to be visited by those who have not been vaccinated and those who have recovered, as well as those who have not been vaccinated, everything will remain for now the same.

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