$ 5.4 million for the program that built the modern Internet –

This is 1989. British physicist-turned-computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee has long imagined a new method of sharing information. This should allow all scientists around the world to search and find the data they want.

An employee at CERN, he calls his project World Wide Web. Then you decide to program what will become the Internet. It will take you two years. In fact, it was in 1990 and 1991 when he led his project, also inventing URLs (internet address), HTTP or even the computer language HTML. 10,000 lines of code found and sold in “NFT” form for $ 5.4 million.

The code used to create the web, sold

Eager to help everyone benefit from his tool, he decides not to patent his program. Several years later, he decides to put his code up for sale, in digital format, to recover the money … which will not stay, however. In fact, he intends to donate all proceeds to charities, charities, and NGOs.

$ 5.4 million, for one NFT

10,000 lines in animated version, accompanied by a short letter from the author. All this, of course, has been possible thanks to the new “NFT” technology that certifies the ownership of the digital work. A tamper-proof document, that you can now track and trace your recent purchase.

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