8 lions tested positive in a zoo in India, a first

In India, 8 lions have just tested positive for Covid-19. A first in the world. The information has been confirmed by the analysis center responsible for animal studies at Hyderabad Zoo. For his part, Doctor Siddhanand Kukrety, the zoo’s director, wanted to hesitate and said the lions were fine.

According to him, it is correct that the wild animals showed symptoms similar to Covid-19. A test was therefore carried out. However, this isn’t the first time animals have tested positive for the disease. In fact, several wildlife, including tigers, have tested positive in the Bronx, as have dogs and cats in Hong Kong.

8 lions positive for Covid-19 in India

Of the 12 lions in the zoo, 4 males and 4 females had symptoms such as loss of appetite, nasal congestion, or coughing. Because of this, the park’s vets ran a series of tests. Sequencing is also done to determine if the variant is human or animal.

Animal vaccines, already on the market

Several vaccines against Covid-19 for animals are currently in preparation. The first cans are also being launched in Russia. We know the company responsible for their production will be able to release up to 5 million cans per month. Double vaccination is required in humans.

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