a Chinese brand is invited to the top 10 in France –

Electric cars have really gained a major market with the entry of Tesla a few years ago. Purchased electricity is no longer necessarily a sign of a downgrade in terms of model or mode, quite the opposite. Elon Musk’s meteoric rise of Tesla has given ideas to its competitors, traditional leading brands, but it has also allowed the emergence of all the new brands that have already launched, or are about to launch unique models.

In France, experts were very surprised to note the dazzling arrival of the Chinese car MG ZS EV in the Top 10 of the best-selling electric vehicles in the country. It must be said that the MG ZS EV an electric SUV of less than 30,000 euros has it all. With more than 600 sales in August this year, it ranks fourth. See below the 10 best-selling electric vehicles in France.

The 10 best-selling electric cars in August 2021 (AAA data)

Tesla Model 3 (2,541 units) Renault Zoé (1,177 units) Peugeot e-208 (1,033 units) MG ZS EV (659 units) Fiat 500 electric (503 units) Volkswagen ID3 (388 units) Mini Cooper SE (382 units) Renault Twingo ZE (335 units) Hyundai Kona Electric (304 units) Kia e-Niro (293 units) See comments

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