a copy of Zelda sold for $ 870,000

An older Zelda game, offered for the Nintendo NES, has been up for auction. As a result, it was sold for the incredible sum of $ 870,000. Information confirmed by Heritage Auctions, in a press release. A real surprise. A real surprise, although the NES games are selling very well.

In fact, a few months ago, in April, the NES version of Super Mario Bros. went on sale. Starting in 1986, it reached $ 660,000. Today, the record has skyrocketed and therefore Zelda has become the most expensive video game in video game history. Information confirmed by Eric Bradley, company spokesman.

Zelda, sold for $ 870,000

In fact, it was the centerpiece of a 443-piece set. The set, which dates back to 1987, was sealed, still in its original packaging. Therefore, the buyers succumbed. However, no one knows who they are. In fact, the auction house preferred to keep the identity of the new buyers secret.

NES games, symbol of the love for retro

Zelda is a game that has stood the test of time. Mix of adventure, action and exploration, it has become a must over the years. Today, it is available in many versions and is accessible, in particular by Switch. One more proof that retro video games are enjoying a new success.

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