A criminal arrested thanks to data from a site in the United States –

An incredible legal story. In fact, US authorities arrested a man after he agreed to provide his information from a genealogy website to the police. He is suspected in a 2007 rape case in the heart of Tampa, Florida.

At that time DNA evidence was collected, but unfortunately the authorities found no match. For fourteen years, the case remains unsolved. But in 2020, the police decided to take up the case by working from a new angle, particularly from a DNA point of view.

A man arrested almost 15 years after the incident

In fact, they decided to work with sites like GEDmatch or FamilyTree to retrieve data. Two sites that allow people to study genealogies. The result has been amazing. In fact, a 44-year-old man living in West Virginia has been found to send correspondence.

Florida, a state focused on genealogy

The individual had authorized the site to provide his information to the police. Almost fifteen years after the tragedy, the suspect can thus be tried, allowing the victim to move forward and turn the page knowing that a sexual predator will no longer remain in the wild. Florida is customary because it is the first US state to create its own forensic genealogy unit in 2018.

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