A large majority criticizes Laschet’s stranglehold on the Chancellery |

The majority of Germans find it “clear or at least somewhat false” that Laschet wants to become chancellor after the federal elections. This is the result of a representative poll.

Berlin (dpa) – A large majority of Germans are against CDU leader Armin Laschet trying to form a government despite union losses in federal elections, according to a poll.

71% of Germans consider this to be clear or at least somewhat false, as the representative survey of the Civey Institute for the “Augsburger Allgemeine” showed (Tuesday). 22 percent of the 5,031 respondents online supported Laschet’s announcement.

The relationship between supporters of the Union is less drastic. 55% of them support Laschet in the fight to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel. 32% think it is wrong that the candidate for the chancellor of the Union wants to lead the next government.

Should Laschet remain federal president of the CDU?

The question of whether Laschet should remain federal president of the CDU was answered in an Insa poll for the “Bild” (Tuesday) 21% of those polled by “yes”, 51% by “no”, the rest by “that” doesn’t matter ”or“ don’t know. ”After all, a slim majority of Union voters (44-40%) are in favor of keeping Laschet as head of the CDU.

43% of those polled would like SPD candidate Olaf Scholz to be the next chancellor. The left, the Greens and the SPD voters each speak even more clearly in favor of the SPD candidate for chancellor. Only 13% would like Laschet to be chancellor. Even among Union voters, only 38% want Laschet to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel. And even with FDP voters, Laschet only got 13% approval, Scholz at least 37%.

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