A new species of dinosaurs discovered in Brazil

Brazilian paleontologists have made a new dinosaur discovery. In fact, they discovered the fossil of a new species of dinosaurs called “Kurupi itaata”, close to Tyrannosaurus rex. According to information from the British media Reuters, the discovery was made during the month of September in the municipality of Monte Alto in Sao Paulo.

Lived 70 million years ago

Several searches were carried out to have more information about the fossil found. Thus, paleontologists were allowed to know that “Kurupi itaata” was in fact a distant relative of Tyrannosaurus rex. Also according to research conducted by paleontologists, the new species of dinosaur discovered lived on earth 70 million years ago. In an interview with Reuters, paleontologist Fabiano Vidoi explained that it is a “bipedal dinosaur, with short arms, about five meters long.” It was at the top of the food chain when it lived, it was a predator ”.

The specialist also added that the bones found at the site are “the pelvic bone, three vertebrae and others that we have not yet identified.” Note that at the same site, a fossil of the same type was discovered in 2002.

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