A new variant is provided in France –

The whole world has been in a health crisis for more than a year due to the new coronavirus (Covid-19). Over the months, the disease, which claimed millions of lives, has been illustrated by multiple mutations that have given rise to dangerous variants. Among them is the Indian variant that plunged India into an unprecedented health crisis.

46 people tested positive for this variant

In France, although life seems to be starting to run its course, a new variant has just aroused the concerns of the authorities. While it is a well-known variant, it is not widely used in the country. It’s called VOC 20I / 484K and was discovered in the Port-Maritime Bacalan district in the city of Bordeaux, where 46 people tested positive for this variant after the population was massively screened on Friday May 21, 2021 in this situation Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Health Authority (ARS) medical and scientific advisor Patrick Dehail indicated that health authorities have taken action. They then asked that people over the age of 18 should be vaccinated in advance in this district and its surroundings “if possible at the weekend or, at worst, at the beginning of next week”.

A worrying variant like the English and Indian variants

He added that the ARS is working with the Ministry of Health to get more doses of vaccine to get this early vaccination in place as soon as possible. Patrick Dehail has also pointed out that the variant in question “is of concern, such as the English and Indian variants”. Even if it was known on the Île-de-France, it had never manifested itself to such an extent in the country. According to the newspaper France Bleu Gironde, the 46 people who tested positive for this variant would be the consequences of the family meeting on 08.

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