A two-headed sea turtle discovered on a US beach.

A small two-headed sea turtle was the surprising discovery made by Edisto Beach State Park volunteers while patrolling a South Carolina beach last Wednesday. During their routine inventory to check sea turtle nests, the group of patrollers and volunteers came across the special newborn, South Carolina State Parks said on Facebook. The park said it dug into a turtle nest three to five days after it began to show “signs of major emergence.”

This helps determine the success of the nest, which depends on the number of eggs hatched. They are also looking for live hatchlings that have not been able to reach the sea. The two-headed loggerhead turtle was one of three live hatchlings found in a nest. “This two-headed newborn is the result of a genetic mutation,” said South Carolina State Parks. “More two-headed hatchlings have been found in South Carolina in recent years, but this is the first time the team has patrolled Edisto Beach State Park,” the park added.

The turtle was thrown into the ocean.

The three turtles were released into the ocean after the group took some photos. According to Sea World, most sea turtles hatch in the summer, although they can do so year-round. It is essential that humans do not disturb the nest, which can endanger the survival of the baby turtles. When a turtle nest is disturbed, the hatchlings have a 25% or less chance of survival, according to Sea World.

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