Abortion | Joe Biden condemns “harmful” encouragement to denounce in Texas

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(Washington) US President Joe Biden on Friday denounced the “harmful” nature of a new, very restrictive abortion law in Texas that encourages reward organizations or individuals who assist women with abortion.

Posted on Sep 3, 2021 at 12:43 pm

“The most damaging thing about this Texas law is that it creates a kind of self-proclaimed vigilante justice system where people collect rewards,” he told reporters at the White House after a speech about the employment figures.

“That sounds ridiculous, almost anti-American,” he added.

The president added that he had asked his government to examine the legal means to counter this system.

New Texas law prohibits abortions once the embryo’s heartbeat is detected, which is roughly the sixth week of pregnancy when most women are unaware that they are pregnant. There is only one exception: in a medical emergency.

The attempt is not unprecedented. Twelve states in the United States have passed similar laws, but all have been put down in court, while in the Texas case, the Supreme Court refused to block the law.

The legislation of the vast southern state is also characterized by the fact that it is not up to the authorities to enforce the measure, but rather to the citizens, who are encouraged to bring civil lawsuits against organizations or individuals who help women with abortions.

The text provides that if convicted, those plaintiffs will receive at least $ 10,000 “compensation,” a “bonus for the prosecution,” according to critics.

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