Access to voting | Controversial new law in Texas

(Washington) Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott passed an electoral law Tuesday that has been heavily criticized by Democrats for viewing it as restricting access to the ballot box less than a week after a controversial abortion law in this grand one american state.

Posted on Sep 7, 2021 at 1:39 pm

According to Republican defenders, the electoral law is intended to make elections safer and harmonize the rules in the state with a population of 29 million.

But it is entering a fundamental movement in the US, fueled by the unfounded allegations of massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election propagated by Republican loser Donald Trump: since January, at least 18 states have passed 30 restrictive electoral laws and dozens more have been passed, according to the think tank Brennan Center for Justice considered.

Texan law in particular bans “drive-by” votes, which had spread during the pandemic in 2020 to avoid long queues, and places many restrictions on postal voting.

For the critics of the text, these restrictions are mainly aimed at provisions that facilitate voting by minorities, particularly African-Americans, which are generally more favorable to Democrats.

The latter promised to take legal action to block the law. However, Governor Greg Abbott said he was “very confident” that the law will be “validated” in court.

“It makes voting easier,” he pounded in front of the cameras in the city of Tyler, Texas Tuesday. “Nobody with the right to vote is denied the option to choose. On the other hand, it makes the task of scammers who want to cast an illegal vote more difficult. ”

The Republican governor stressed that the new law would allow voting for twelve days before an election and that some voters would be able to vote during their working hours (in the US, federal elections are held on Tuesday).

Without convincing the Democrats, this law “will make it more difficult for Texans to get to the ballot box,” denounced their leader in the Texas home, Chris Turner.

When this law was reviewed in the spring, Joe Biden denounced an “attack on democracy”. Some highly controversial provisions have since been withdrawn.

In the same vast southern state of the United States, a law went into effect last week making the vast majority of voluntary layoffs illegal.

Again, the Biden administration has denounced the law, but the White House has little leverage to block it.

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