According to Olivier Véran, the Delta variant could “spoil the holiday” –

The French health minister took advantage of a trip he made to Villeneuve-la-Garenne on Friday July 2 to warn his compatriots of the impact the Delta variant could have on their daily lives in the coming months. . According to Olivier Véran, the risk of a resumption of the epidemic related to the Delta variant is indeed a reality.

“A Potential Threat”

“I have sometimes read that at the beginning of the school year in September or October there could be a risk of an epidemic wave with this contagious variant, I am not exactly sure whether we have time to wait for September or October, there is a potential danger a resumption of the epidemic this summer, ”he pounded especially during the trip he was making. The solution proposed by the Head of the Ministry of Health to avoid this risk is to make vaccinations easier to access.

The accessible vaccine …

You can now also get vaccinated during working hours. The second dose of vaccine can also be given in a different center than the one where the first was received. “We multiply these types of operations at your vacation spots, in recreational areas and at major sports competitions on the buses that go to working-class neighborhoods, where vaccinations are sometimes more susceptible than elsewhere, but also where you go. continued Olivier Véran.

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