According to WHO – , Benin recorded in 72 hours. 1,087 new cases

“It is important at this time that our fellow citizens know that we are having a very difficult time.” These words of the national director for hospital medicine Ange Dodji Dossou inform about the current health situation in Benin. The guest on national television said on Tuesday 10th “It’s worrying and very worrying, everything is flashing red on our dashboard,” he is alarmed.

Strong contagion in adolescents without comorbidity

The doctor is not mistaken because, according to the World Health Organization, the country recorded 9,065 confirmed cases of Covid-19 on Tuesday, August 10. A number up from Saturday, August 7th, when the number of people contaminated was 7,978. In total, there were 1,087 new cases of Covid-19 in the country within 72 hours, the WHO Regional Office for Africa reported yesterday, Wednesday, August 11. During his visit to national television, Dr. Dossou invited citizens of legal age to be vaccinated.

He also said that patients in the care centers are no longer predominantly adults with comorbidities, as was the case in the first waves. These are young people aged 29, 33, 39 years without comorbidity who have become infected in the last few days. Therefore, a high level of contamination can be observed in this age group.

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