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Berlin (dpa) – On the eve of the federal elections, parties are still trying to attract undecided voters to the last few meters. Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet and Chancellor Angela Merkel (both CDUs) show up on Saturday for their last rally in Laschet’s hometown of Aachen.

The FDP with its party leader Christian Lindner ends its national election campaign with rallies in Cologne and Düsseldorf. The candidate for chancellor of the SPD, Olaf Scholz, can be found mainly in his constituency of Potsdam.

An exciting election night looms on the horizon for Sunday. In the polls, the SPD was last able to maintain its leadership, but in some cases only very closely. According to the polling institute, it was 25 to 26% – and therefore one to four percentage points ahead of the Union. The Greens with their candidate for Chancellor Annalena Baerbock are in third place in the polls.

Election result completely open

Considering the large number of undecided voters, the outcome of the election is considered absolutely open. In principle, election polls only reflect opinion at the time of the survey and are not a prognosis for the outcome of the election. You are also always fraught with uncertainties.

Union and SPD continue to clash fiercely in the latest push. CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak warned in the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” that the left wing around the party vice and former Juso boss Kevin Kühnert would set the tone for the SPD after the elections. “More than 50 young socialists are expected to belong to the future SPD parliamentary group,” Ziemiak said. This means a “massive shift to the left” of the SPD. “After the elections, Kevin Kühnert’s comrades will take power.”

SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil replied to the same newspapers: “After 16 years, Merkel has broken down and has no more ideas.” You have to go to the opposition bench. The Union has no idea of ​​the future of the country and candidate for chancellor, “the party and the voters do not want it”, declared the politician of the SPD. “This is why the entire CDU and CSU election campaign is based on scare tactics and attacks against the SPD.”

Scholz is confident

Asked whether the Union had recently regained some ground in the polls, SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz told the Bild television channel: “There are many, many polls going on and all show that the SPD (…) is ahead and that the dynamics of the SPD are uninterrupted. He has the great confidence that the citizens “give me a job to form the next government”. At the last Social Democrats rally in Cologne, Scholz previously said he felt a desire for change and change in many people. For this, a change of government is urgent.

At the end of the Union election campaign in Munich, CSU boss Markus Söder stressed that it would be rarer than ever. “But yes, dear friends, we are going to shoot the game on Sunday night, intercept the SPD and become number 1 in Germany.” Chancellor candidate Laschet again warned against a red-red-green federal government. The Union must now carry on the legacy of 16 years of Angela Merkel. “If we do it wrong now, everything that has been achieved in 16 years can be wasted,” Laschet warned.

The Greens, the AfD and the Left had their official closing events on Friday. The green chancellor candidate Baerbock has promoted an ecological awakening in Düsseldorf. “This election is a climate election,” Baerbock said in Düsseldorf in front of hundreds of listeners. “This election is about everything.

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