Afghan minister of worship flies to Germany |

Ashraf Ghani is just the most prominent example of members of the Afghan government who fled the Taliban abroad. A minister has been kidnapped by the Bundeswehr.

Berlin (dpa) – One of more than 4,500 people who have arrived in Germany from Kabul via the airlift is a former minister in the government of President Aschraf Ghani.

According to information from the German News Agency, the Afghan Minister of Religious Affairs, Mohammed Kasim Halimi, flew to Germany just under two weeks ago.

Even before the Taliban were overthrown in 2001, Halimi held a senior position in his government’s foreign ministry. Later, Halimi, who studied Islamic law in Cairo, was one of the critics of the Islamist Taliban activists. Her photo was still on the ministry’s website on Friday.

After the announced withdrawal of US military troops, the Taliban seized several provincial capitals and then advanced into the capital Kabul in mid-August, virtually without a fight. President Ghani fled abroad before the approach of the Taliban, as it became known on August 15.

The next day, the first Bundeswehr plane landed in Kabul and the airlift began. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, 4,587 people were brought to Germany in eleven days, including 3,849 Afghans and 403 German nationals. Citizens of many other countries were among those in need of protection, but only 138 so-called local agents plus their relatives, including 30 local Bundeswehr agents.

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