Afghanistan | At least four dead in the kamikaze attack in Kabul

(Kabul) In the Afghan capital, near the house of the Afghan Defense Minister General Bismillah Mohammadi, who is uninjured, four people were killed in an attack with a car bomb and attackers on foot on Tuesday evening.

Posted on Aug 3, 2021 at 7:15 am Updated at 5:09 pm

Élise BLANCHARD Agence France-Presse

Two loud explosions shook Kabul two hours apart. Heavy gunfire followed each explosion.

“Terrorists detonated a car full of explosives in a residential area of ​​Kabul […] Afterwards, several terrorists broke into houses and clashed with the security forces, ”said the spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry, Mirwais Stanekzai.

At the end of the evening he announced that the security forces’ operations “have just ended. All attackers were killed […] the area is now safe ”.


Afghan soldiers arrive at the site of a major explosion in Kabul. The massive explosion rocked an upscale neighborhood in the Afghan capital that is home to several senior government officials, including Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Khan Mohammadi.

The attack was not alleged, but Washington believed that the attack carried the “mark” of the Taliban.

According to the security authorities, four people were killed and around twenty injured.

Several security sources told AFP, on condition of anonymity, that the car bomb was being driven by a suicide bomber who detonated the explosives in front of a deputy house next to General Bismillah Mohammadi’s home, adding that several attackers had succeeded in to invade the house of the deputy.

“This (Tuesday) evening terrorists carried out a suicide attack on my house. Thank God […] Nothing happened to me or my family members. But unfortunately some of my guards were injured, ”said the defense minister in the evening.

Fight hard ”

On Tuesday evening, in response to a call on social media, many Kabul residents went on the rooftops or took to the streets to support the Afghan armed forces and shouted “Allah Akbar” (God is greatest). Months to contain a flash offensive by the Taliban in which they conquered vast rural areas.


The Afghan army has urged residents of Lashkar Gah, the scene of the urban fighting, to leave the city in order to drive out the Taliban.

“Death to the Taliban! Some residents of the capital, which had been the target of several bomb attacks in May and June, also shouted.

The Taliban began this sweeping offensive when international troops began their final withdrawal from Afghanistan – now almost completely – twenty years after the international intervention led by the United States, which overthrew its ultra-rogory regime (1996-2001).

The Afghan armed forces, which have so far offered little resistance, essentially only control the provincial capitals, which they now have to defend body and soul and of which three are targets of the insurgents.

In the southern city of Lashkar Gah, the Taliban have been fighting the Afghan armed forces, which are deadly to the civilian population, for several days. The Afghan army on Tuesday asked residents to evacuate them before launching an operation to evict the insurgents.

“We will face the Taliban and” fight them hard, “warned General Sami Sadat, the highest ranking army officer in southern Afghanistan, in an audio message to the residents of Lashkar Gah,” we will not let a single Taliban live […] Leave as soon as possible so that we can start our operations ”.


Afghan soldiers taking position during the fighting against the Taliban in Herat province. The provincial authorities announced on Tuesday that the Afghan armed forces had brought several areas of the suburbs of the provincial capital to the Taliban, who had arrived a few kilometers from this 600,000-inhabitant city in the past few days.

“Hospitals are overwhelmed”

On the previous Tuesday, the UN mission in Afghanistan (Unama) tweeted “its deep concern for the Afghan civilian population in Lashkar Gah, where the fighting is escalating” and called for “an immediate end to the fighting in urban areas” under threat of “catastrophic consequences” . .

At least 40 civilians were killed and 118 injured in the past 24 hours during the fighting in Lashkar Gah, a city with 200,000 inhabitants, during the Taliban offensive and the shelling of the Afghan army.

A resident of Lashkar Gah, who asked for anonymity, described to AFP a city “where there is no more electricity, no more food”, where belligerents collide “street by street” and the Afghan air force “bombs almost every minute” .

“Some residents have already left the city […] but a lot of people are still stuck, ”he said.

“The Taliban are all over the city,” added the local resident, claiming that the Afghan forces are bombing the private homes where they are seeking refuge. “Hospitals are overwhelmed, although most people do not dare to take their loved ones there in private vehicles for fear of being killed by the Taliban or bombed by the government.”

The authorities of Herat province (West) announced on Tuesday that the Afghan armed forces had recaptured several suburbs of the provincial capital from the Taliban, which were a few kilometers away from this 600,000-inhabitant city in the past few days.

On Monday evening, thousands of Herat residents had already climbed onto the rooftops and sang “Allah Akbar” to support the Afghan armed forces and the militiamen of Ismail Khan, the powerful local warlord and veteran of the fight against the Soviet occupation (1979-1989. ). ) who defended the city.

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