Afghanistan | It was impossible to go without some form of “chaos,” says Biden

(Washington) Much criticized since the meteoric takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Joe Biden said in an excerpt from an interview on Wednesday on the ABC channel.

Posted on Aug 18, 2021 at 5:29 pm Updated at 6:12 pm

The American president has also admitted having “more difficulties” evacuating Afghans than the Americans, when Washington accuses the Taliban of failing to keep their promise to give all those who want to flee free access to Kabul airport.

The idea “that in some ways there was a way out without chaos, I don’t see how that is possible,” he pounded.

In this excerpt, American broadcaster journalist George Stephanopoulos conjures up images of hundreds of passengers crammed into an American C-17 plane and those of “Afghans falling from an airplane” in reference to a video that Seems to show corpses, which aired on Monday. Joe Biden interrupts him with a toss: “It was four days, five days ago!” ”

“What did you think when you saw these pictures? »The journalist reminds him.

“I thought we had to take control. We need to move faster. We have to move in such a way that we take control of this airport ”. And we did it, “answered Joe Biden.

In the same interview, he refuses to use the word “failure” to qualify American troop withdrawal operations.

“I don’t think it’s about failure …” the American president begins to answer before pausing.

“To put it another way, when you have the Afghan government, a leader of that government, who gets on a plane, takes off and goes to another country, when you see the significant collapse of the Afghan troops that we have trained, 300,000 of them who just drop their gear and go, it was, you know … it was. It just happened, ”he said.

Has this “chaos” factor been taken into account when you decided to withdraw troops? The journalist asks. “Yes,” answers Joe Biden.

The evacuation of the thousands of American and Afghan civilians who crowd around Kabul airport after the return of the Taliban to flee the country depends entirely on the benevolence of the insurgents.

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