Afghanistan | Washington does not recognize the Taliban regime for the time being

(Washington) The United States has not yet decided whether to maintain a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan after its planned withdrawal ends on Tuesday, as requested by the Taliban, but on Friday rejected any possibility of swift recognition of power by the Islamist Move.

Posted on Aug 27, 2021 at 3:34 pm Updated at 4:48 pm

“Let me be very clear: there is no rush to get recognition from the United States or the international partners we have spoken to,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said at a press conference.

Washington had already said that this recognition would depend on the nature of the future Afghan government, in which Joe Biden’s administration wishes to include political actors other than the Taliban, but also on the respect for women’s rights and the anti-terrorist obligations of the former rebels .

The US, which intervened in Afghanistan twenty years ago to drive the Taliban out after the September 11, 2001 attacks, has been in regular contact with them since regaining power in Kabul through the American withdrawal, which must end on Tuesday . These discussions relate primarily to the “tactical coordination” when the Americans carried out a gigantic evacuation operation of tens of thousands of people.

But “the Taliban told us very clearly in our talks that they would like to see an American diplomatic presence,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told the press.

Such a presence, regardless of whether the Taliban recognize the Taliban’s power or not, has not yet been formally ruled out by Washington.

Ned Price made it clear that the decision had not yet been made five days before the planned departure of the last American troops and that it would depend above all on “the safety of the American officials” who would stay in Kabul – even more so after the suicide bombing on Thursday 13 US soldiers were killed at the airport in the Afghan capital.

According to him, the Taliban have given “assurances” about this security. “But we don’t care much about what they say,” he added.

US officials said a decision could be announced early next week, shortly before the end of the US withdrawal.

Since the arrival of the former insurgents in Kabul in mid-August, the US has given up its embassy in order to withdraw its last not yet evacuated diplomats to the airport secured by the US military.

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