After Covid-19, Moderna will test an HIV vaccine – archyde

After developing the vaccine against the new coronavirus, the American biotechnology company Moderna has clearly focused its research on the vaccine against the HIV / AIDS virus. According to information about this research, clinical trials to conduct tests will be initiated on August 19th. According to a document published on ClinicalTrials, a total of 56 people will participate in the clinical trial. The age of the participants is between 18 and 50 years.

Clinical studies for two years

The clinical studies will take two years, depending on the information provided. The test participants were selected according to several criteria. For example, none of them are infected with the virus. The technique used in this test is that of the RNA messenger.

The pharmaceutical company had already used this method when developing the vaccine against the new coronavirus. The ultimate goal of the vaccine is to develop “immune” cells to respond to attack by an infectious agent. Scientists still wanted to differentiate between HIV / AIDS and the coronavirus.

A difference between coronavirus and HIV

“HIV differs greatly from Sars-CoV-2 in that it integrates, which means that it has the specialty of integrating its genetic material into the chromosome of the cells it has infected. This makes targeting much more difficult, as it is transmitted from one cell to another and can remain dormant (latency) in the infected cell and reactivate at any time, ”explains Dr.

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