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US President Joe Biden is following his words with action: Shortly after the bloody terrorist attack at the airport in the Afghan capital, he threatened IS militia with revenge – now the US military is striking.

Washington (AP) – The United States responded with a retaliatory attack on the deadly terrorist attack in Kabul and attacked a local branch of the ISIS terrorist militia.

The unmanned airstrike in Afghanistan’s Nangahar province targeted “a planner” in Isis-K, US Central Command spokesman Bill Urban said Friday evening (local time). “At the first signs, we killed the target. We do not know of any civilian casualties. “

US President Joe Biden had vowed revenge after the bloody bombing in Kabul. Dozens of people were killed in Thursday’s terror attack, including 13 US soldiers. “We are not forgiven. We will not be forgotten. We’re going to hunt you down and make you pay for it, ”Biden said shortly after the attack.

On Friday, his spokesperson Jen Psaki reiterated the president’s determination: “He has made it clear that he does not want them still living on earth.” She answered the question of whether Biden wanted to kill the perpetrators of the attack or bring them to justice. The president and the military have no doubts about their authority to attack the terrorist Isis-K militia, Psaki said.

Isis-K is a local branch of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization. Americans speak of Isis instead of IS – hence they call the Isis-K branch.

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