Allegation of sexual misconduct | Andrew Cuomo could face charges if a complaint is found to be well founded, Sheriff says

(Albany) New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo could be charged with offense if a complaint by one of his former assistants that he touched her chest is well founded, the Albany district sheriff said Saturday.

Posted on Aug 7, 2021 at 3:07 pm

Marina Villeneuve Associated Press

Craig Apple promised a full investigation but added it was premature to say when Mr. Cuomo is interrogating him.

We have several facts to confirm. We need to do more interviews. We won’t rush because he is what he is. We won’t drag our feet either.

Craig apple

The complaint, recorded on Thursday, is the first legal action brought before a police force by an alleged victim of alleged sexual misconduct by the Democratic governor.

The complainant alleges that Mr Cuomo put his hands under her sweater and touched her breasts when they were alone in the official apartment last year. She also told prosecutor general investigators that the governor also felt her buttocks while taking photos.


The Governor of New York State

The governor denies touching anyone inappropriately. His governor’s lawyer, Ritan Glavin, believes this claim is false.

“He is 63 years old. He spent 40 years of his life in public. So suddenly being accused of sexual assault by an assistant he didn’t really know doesn’t go over the bar, ”she said.

Sheriff Apple on Saturday refused to open the complaint, but described the allegations as “sexual in nature”.

He said his ministry always came to the rescue of the victims. He stressed that he did not fear reprisals for having decided to open such a high-profile investigation.

I’m the county sheriff. I will not be intimidated. Nobody will force me to do anything. It wouldn’t work well for anyone.

Craig apple

Demands for resignation or impeachment escalated after an independent committee of inquiry found that Mr. Cuomo had sexually molested 11 women and tried to get revenge on one of his accusers.

Attorneys for the New York State Legislature forwarded a letter to the governor Thursday giving him until August 13 to respond to the allegations or to produce documents in support of his defense.

The Assembly’s Judiciary Committee plans to meet on Monday to discuss the possibility of impeachment proceedings. A majority of the elected officials have already indicated that if Mr Cuomo does not step down, they would choose to take this step.

Mr Apple said he had requested documents from the attorney general.

“We have all read the attorney general’s report. At this point I am very pleased to say that it is safe to say [la plaignante] is indeed a victim. ”

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